AU’s rapprochement to Zionist Israel, Pragmatic or Opportunistic Move?

“Israel should once again be an observer state of the African Union … I fervently believe that it’s in your interest too, in the interest of Africa. And I hope all of you will support that goal,”

Benjamin Netanyahu told West African leaders at the 51st ECOWAS Summit of Heads of State in Liberia’s capital Monrovia ,2017.


The history of the African Union’s impotence is well known and much documented. It has something to do with the false start in Africa itself.
After the between 1964 to 1966 OAU’s summits left behind the ideological rift and hostilities between the then prominent African heads of states, gradualists vis-à-vis rapidest on to which ashould the OAU be molded so as to the African Unity then then sacred, fashionable grand goal, prudent people knew that “it was all finished” and the OAU would remain dysfunctional and dwindle until it becomes meaningless. It wasn’t a false prophecy in many ways.
However, with all its inadequacies, the OAU has never at once been bedfellow to Zionism even at a time when Zionist  Israel state had an observer status membership of the OAU up the 2002 when OAU was dissolved. That is due to many reasons, prime one being the resemblance of Zionism in character and deeds to the western imperialist and colonialist forces that have been forcefully subjugating and exploiting Africans for centuries.
Yet with regarding to the fact that OAU/AU isn’t a  sovereign state it has been periodically differing on its policy towards Israel and Zionism with its member states. Even though it(OAU/AU) has always maintained the moderate position of “two states policy” and many times  it has  condemned Israeli’s apartheid style rule over Palestinians  such as  AU’s commission condemnation on Israel war crimes in Gaza ,May this year(2021).
Many must have been shocked on the AU’s recent move  to restore and elevate the status of Zionist Israel state to AU’s as “Observer State”. It’s obvious disturbing and suspicious and above all it is so alarming ,judging from the long history of false compromises(such as Anwar Sadat’s regime in 70’s), co-options and the immense powers of Zionist lobby groups that has successfully managed to secure a huge diplomatic gains in Africa and the Arab world in recent years.

A child walking on the remains of the heavily bombarded neighborhood by in Gaza

The “violencephilia” experience Of Zionist Israel In Africa

The violencephilia character of the Zionist state of Israel is not acquires one but genetic from the Zionism DNA itself. Much has been documented on the violence nature of Zionism movement and Israel state. For two reason Africa would have just fallen victim of the Zionism violence, first is geography (by being zero kilometers from endless Israel border) and second imperialism (political-economic ideology) of Zionism itself.
Israel invaded Africa for the first time when it joined forces with France and Britain to invade Egypt in 1956 in an attempt to seize control the nationalized Suez Canal(a sovereign part of Egypt) ever since it has been involved in many violence incidents including sabotage, sponsoring and protecting corrupt African dictators.

Propaganda portrait depicting former Egypt president Gamal Abdel Nasser blocking a ship on Suez Canal

Israel was both a dear and benefactor of the white minority racist rule of South Africa, it sponsored and defended apartheid system to the extent that it provided pivotal assistance to the South Africa’s nuclear weapons program, so that white minority rulers (Boers) of South Africa would be able to annihilate “non white bantus” or “kaffirs” as they(racist white south Africans) would prefer to call black South Africans.
For African puppet dictators, Israel has always been of special significance; in exchange to their regime protection (intelligence sharing, special units trainings and weapons supply) dictators have been forced to “go easy” on Israel. This includes normalizing or restoring diplomatic ties with Israel and mostly turning a blind eye towards state of Israel’s violations of international laws in Palestine or elsewhere.
This has been a strategy for Israel to secure diplomatic tokens in some African states. It worked in Zaire then, just like how it has  recently worked in Chad and we all know how similar Joseph Mobutu’s regime and Idris Deby’s(now late) one are. I suppose this should nullify the old-time claim that Israel is democracy because democracies cannot be at the same time butcherers bosses. 

In the Donald Trump’s regime  the world was taught new experiences on to how low Israel lobby groups can go. Who new that it was just easy and possible for the US to relocate embassy from Tell Aviv to Jerusalem, who saw it coming that the powerful office on the planet earth that claim to be the citadel of democracy would slap the wretched people of Palestine right to their face by engineering one of the treacherous deals in our times without even regarding the invitation of Palestinians and brand it the “deal of the century”, it seems like even Otto van Bismarck was more inclusive than Trump in his Berlin conference banditry venture.

May be Palestinians aren’t Africans before the eyes of some “Africans”,  but through Trump’s Abraham accords the African countries of Sudan and Morocco were “forced” to recognize and open diplomatic ties with Israel in an exchange to the recognition of Morocco’s occupation over Sahrawi by the US and the lifting of US economic sanctions on Sudan. These are the contemporary maneuvers, that Israel lobby groups would play to bring US onboard to secure Israel interests. Some East African countries would quickly run to Tel Aviv to  seek assistance in their so called war against terrorism and religious fundamentalism. Israel has always been more than ready to assist and the results of these undeclared alliances can always been seen by these countries abstentions to the UNGA or UNSC resolutions polls in condemn Israel’s actions and policies. Sometimes these African countries vote in favor of Israel. From 2007 onward almost all special forces that was deployed to combat the so called “radical Islam” in Kenya were trained in or by Israel experts under Mossad patronage and by British M16.

Israel former Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Kenyan President Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta

Elitists for the elite’s benefits

That(zionist Israel) is the state that our rulers want to be observed by on the AU summits. The state that is the brainchild of racism, violence and expansionism and still upholds those three “virtues”.
Perhaps one would think, what is the big deal about them being an observer member, but any sane being should be asking what is it that Israel missing by not being an observer member state of the AU, why would they strive to win that status for almost 20 years after they lost it when OAU was dissolved in 2002?
It seems like many African states elites are are in a position to somehow enjoy Zionist Israel concessions(if any ) and privileges (mostly business opportunities and security) or they are just overtaken by the envious cutting edge technological advances of the Israel as they are(African rulers) the best of the marvelous.

Former Israel prime minister chairing Israel-Africa Summit in west Africa. Photo Archives

For it is presumably that backdoors are now wider open than front doors in the current levels of “dealings/engagement”, let’s play that intelligence societies wont delay  to declassify many cables that are being exchanged between these rotten apples of ours (African leaders) and Tel Aviv. Until then the Palestinian cause would be abandoned already by these states of ours for good and only “people’s” organizations will be standing the ground, in this imperialism war against the people

Crucifixion won’t end with Palestine

When Zionist regime of Israel speak of peace they mean the “inactions by anyone and everyone” to their actions towards Palestinians (which are often hostile and exploitative).When they speak of development relationship with Africa they mean the entrenchment of Israel MNCs in Africa. How does that “culture” differ from any other imperialist forces that we know? If were so obnoxious about apartheid South Africa why would we allow ourselves to be so gratified by to the extent we wish to observed by apartheid Israel on AU?
Experience has it that it has always been a zero-sum-game for Africa, Africans should resist any attempt by African rulers to embrace Zionist colonial force. Doing so is necessary not just as a way to extend our solidarity to millions of Palestinians whom from dawn to dusk are under Israel apartheid regime oppression but because the largest pond to project exploitation straws for the Zionism imperialism lies to the south of Palestine i.e. African.

A  continent with 54 weak and fragile states with little or no ability (at least for now) to utilize vast natural resources unearthed still, gazing from near, Israel just like any other imperialist state knows what to do with such resources, so they must persevere to hijack any legal body representing Africans be it weak or strong and AU seem not to be ready to disappoint them in their endvaour.

Photo credit UDADISI blog

Muhemsi Mwakihwelo is an African, based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

We have have copied this article from his Facebook account on his consent.
Contact him out via
+255742 185 692

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