The Tanzania Socialist Forum condemns in the strongest terms possible the United states of America’s aggression on Cuba. The terrorist empire has tried to weaken the socialist Island since 1960’s with economic embargo, and after a triumphant survival of the Island throughout that period the empire is now instigating chaos in the country.

On 11th of July Cuba experienced staged demonstration due to food and medical equipment shortages amid the corona pandemic. It should be remembered that the embargo has left the country’s economy in shambles, and experienced food and medical shortages are its resultant effects. The current demonstrations however are not just reflecting the United States’ financial persecutions on Cuba, but also a shameless attempt to capitalize on the situation by instigating chaos through few sponsored individuals.

It is not surprising that the terrorist empire is trying every filth way to continue weakening Cuba, the Island has always stood tall despite the said embargo. It is the same socialist island which has had the highest life expectance and the lowest infant mortality rate than the USA. The same Cuba has managed to improve the social services and ensure their free accessibility to all the Cubans.  Despite being economically starved, Cuba also has managed to produce a very well advanced vaccine and send medical doctors across the globe before and during the pandemic. It is for a fact that America’s longest embargo in history has failed to make Cuba kowtow to her whims, and nor did she stop Cuba from making humane milestones for her people and the rest of the world.  

For such bravery we salute our revolutionary comrades and stand in solidarity with them during these trying times.  To us who also suffer from the same western’s aggression, defending the Cuban revolution means fighting against the same forces which cripple our countries and impoverish our people.  A revolutionary socialist Cuba for us is not just an island in the Latin America, but a beacon of hope to all the working class in the world.  Her selfless solidarity during our liberation struggles and her continued support to others despite the embargo entitles the island unwavering solidarity from the humane community.

We therefore call upon the entire humane community to condemn America’s aggression towards our brave socialist Island. We equally condemn the legitimization of America’s interference in Cuba done by the so called international human rights organizations. We have no doubt that human rights by the west is just a Trojan horse for neo colonialism and such human rights organizations are used to demonize those who refuse to bow to the colonial powers. With this solidarity note, we call upon the Amnesty international to stop being part of the aggression on Cuba. Instead of calling for a petition against an island which has done nothing than benevolently serving her people, it should call one against the America for terrorizing her own people and other countries. The same condemnation is equally directed to the western mainstream media which spreads false propaganda seeking to further destroy Cuba. Such kind of manufactured consent has been used before to enforce the regime change, and in the name of restoring democracy the likes of Libya, Iraq and others just got completely destabilized.

The Tanzania Socialist Forum strongly opposes the destabilization of a socialist Cuba by the United States of America and her allies.  We strongly demand the so called international community to respect the majority decisions in the United Nations General Assembly and force America to lift the embargo on Cuba.  We know that this year 184 members of the  UN General assembly (UNGA)  voted against the embargo, and only two votes from USA and Israel halted the lifting.  

Despite being called by the UNGA to end the embargo for 29 year consecutive, the United States of America has never been held accountable for continued aggression on Cuba. This should be enough reason for us to reject a system that allows one country to determine the fate of the rest in what is regarded as an organ of the international community.   It is because of the same system that America and other imperialist countries disregard other country’s right to self-determination, so much that they would violently attack them when such countries seek internal solutions to their own problems.  

The Tanzania Socialist forum condemns the USA’s uncivilized tendencies which lack modest as Cuba struggles to deal with effects of the pandemic.  Cuba has always managed to solve her own problems internally, and so all the America’s call for intervention is uncalled for. We condemn those who have been openly suggesting the killing of the Cuban leaders, and remind Amnesty International to focus on such kind of murderers. Cuba has never harmed anyone and despite the clashes and aggressive intervention, the Island has always maintained its commitment to respect the dignity of her people and others as core ideals of the socialist ideology. Even now that few sponsored individuals have tried to cause chaos, the humane government of Cuba has not unleashed national guards to crack down the protestors. Unlike the USA government which kills her people daily, Cuba has resorted to peaceful talks as way of solution.  

Together with this statement we send revolutionary hugs to the ongoing talks between the Cuban government and its people; We strongly believe that the Cuban people will win this war against imperialism as it has been able to do so for almost 60 years.  We on the other hand, will always stand with the revolutionary government and people of Cuba and proudly defend her revolution. Our hearts are on her revolutionary streets with our brave comrades, we much with them to reject the USA’s aggression and defend the socialist ideals for a humane world.   Together until victory, it is socialism or death.





Tanzania Socialist Forum-(TASOFO)

15th July  2021.


  1. Hasta la victoria siempre!! [image: image.png] The Che Guevara monument in Santa Clara, Cuba


  2. Sunguti Kambeta · · Reply

    Together until victory, it is socialism or death


  3. Mshenga · · Reply

    Long live the Cuban Revolution💪


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