MANZESE, DAR ES SALAAM- 22nd OCTOBER, 2020; Some of the grassroots women from the credit and serving groups raising a Whiphala flag showing solidarity with indigenous women of Bolivia.

Dear Bolivian revolutionary sisters, red Salute.  At the moment when all the progressive forces in the world are celebrating the grand victory of the Bolivian working class, we think of you and your courage in a special way.  As it has always been in all the struggles, no doubt your presence and hard work has also been felt in this one.

Dear sisters in struggle, a few months ago when the world witnessed an attempted triumph of barbarism, the oppressors thought that the Bolivian working class had lost hope.   To their dismay, the highly organized sections of the working class made it clear in their words and deeds that they would never acknowledge defeat. What is more thrilling is the fact that your courage within all those sections was exemplary.  

When the enemy expected you to hide at home and probably occupy the kitchens, you raised hell by effectively occupying the streets to shame barbarism alongside the male comrades. When the oppressors stood with their ammunition, you fearlessly stood with your Whiphala flag ready to defend the motherland and restore its dignity. When the Neo-liberal feminists celebrated Jeanine’s rise to power as women’s empowerment, you clearly showed that she had nothing to do with women’s liberation.  Most importantly, when the oppressor’s media spread all sorts of propaganda against your noble cause, you remained conscious and firmly focused on the struggle. Interestingly, such boldness was not just to emancipate women but humanity as  whole  and that’s the beauty of women’s struggle on the left.   

Again,  it is beyond doubt that all the sections of the working class played a vital role in this victory, and our revolutionary love goes to all of them. However, we would like to send special revolutionary regards to you because of the following; Firstly you have been the face in all those sections as pointed earlier. Secondly, we are so immersed in a culture of celebrating the front heroes which is also deeply entrenched in patriarchy. With the reality of patriarchal tendencies manifested even in our progressive movements, your contribution as women may seldom be acknowledged. Hence, we specifically celebrate you for all that, and even more so because your courage has not just mortified the oppressors but also restored hopes to all the progressive women across the globe.

An indigenous woman fearlessly standing during the clash between the police and anti coup protesters in LA PAZ Bolivia November, 2019 (AP/ By Natacha Pisarenko)

Dear revolutionary sisters, As we continue struggling from Dar es salaam  we regard this as a critical moment for us to reflect on our role as women within our movements. Your resilience during the tough times of the coup, and active role in this victory have reminded us of some important issues; That despite the turmoil within our movements and the attacks from the enemies, we clearly do not have any genuine reason to abandon the struggle. There is no doubt that our only alternative is to continue mobilizing and organizing for the revolution as the saying goes, we either organize or perish. You dear sisters have shown that we have no right to lose hope for a better tomorrow.  That there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, but to reach it we must give the cause our steadfast loyalty. Above all , it is our revolutionary duty as women to keep that steadfastness and help the movements remain sane until the light comes.  We learnt this from our beloved ancestors like Nomzamo Madikizela, and  today we have also learnt it from you.

Dear Comrades, We are surely lost in words but just full of admiration for your bravery, respect for the level of your consciousness and above all hope to emulate your fortitude and vigilance. Now that the enemies are still in shock,  we reaffirm  our firm solidarity with you and even more so because they must be planning another style of attack. Together in solidarity as the working class women of the world, we will fight, and we will surely win.

Indigenous women siting in front of the police barricade during the anti coup demonstration in LA PAZ, BOLIVIA on 18th November, 2019. (Photo by Gaston Brito)





Christina Mfanga

Tanzania Socialist Forum- SG

23rd October, 2020.

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